What happens when a girl who loves to draw meets a guy who loves to animate?

We met back in 2001 while attending film classes together at the University of Tennessee. Rachel was a studio art major with an emphasis in painting and a love for stop motion and puppetry. Rob was a photography, video, and film major with a passion for design and animation.

Fast forward 18 years, Rob is a production-industry veteran who has worked with many networks and advertising clients. He honed his storytelling skills by developing television sizzle reels and pilots, as well as crafting main titles and graphics packages for a variety of national networks. Rachel is an accomplished illustrator and painter having published children’s books, run a successful portrait business, and lent her illustration skills to agencies and design groups. We’ve collaborated on many projects both personal and commercial, and we saw illustration based animation as an opportunity to tell stories in a truly unique way utilizing both our skillsets.

In searching for a name for this new endeavor, we looked to the two things we love most, our daughters Vivian and Eleanor, and created a portmanteau of their names [VIVIan aNd ELeanor]. VIVINEL was born. Together, we create handcrafted visual journeys that not only inspire the viewer, but share a tiny piece of us. We’d love to work with you. Let’s make things move!